The City of Aalborg goes All In with a new destination strategy that will grow the city’s  tourism with 25 pct. and create +1000 new jobs. Rømer Agency has helped Aalborg set a new direction with a strategy process which involved more the 330 stakeholders. Read the new strategy here

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SEPTEMBER 2016: The city of Aalborg can grow tourism with 25% and create more than 1.000 new jobs with a new destination strategy introducing 7 new strategic growth projects for the city. Aalborg is about to take lead on smart tourism and will strengthen it’s sales in the international meetings and conventions market. In addition, Visit Aalborg sets out to create a new brand story about Aalborg as a city in transformation from old industrial culture to new culture industry. Rømer Agency has helped VisitAalborg conceive the new strategy through a proces that involved extensive desk research, trend analysis, and dialogue with more than 330 stakeholders in workshops, deep conversations and an interview survey. Read the new strategy and the analysis behind it at


Rømer’s core mission is to help destinations, visitor attractions, cultural players and hospitality businesses focus on the business opportunities of tomorrow.

We design and execute strategies, market analysis, innovation projects and content driven campaigns in the urban marketplace.

By 2050 more than 70 pct. of the worlds population will live in cities or urban regions. The rise of a new global middleclass of 5 billion people will follow the millennial generation who will vanguard a near inexhaustible consumption of urban travel, culture and recreational experiences. Over the next decade, digitalization of urban infrastructure, networks, communities and experiencescapes will revolutionize product and service delivery in travel, hospitality, tourism and the cultural industries.

This is our arena – the creative, cultural and social economy of cities. We work with clients in urban travel and tourism, cultural attractions and creative industries across the board.

We do four things really…









numbers-66x66   Destination Strategy

We help destinations, visitor attractions, industry associations, public authorities and private businesses in travel, tourism and the cultural industries design and execute strategies aligned with stakeholder expectations and with a clear aim of consumer demands as well as global market trends.

numbers-2 Attraction & Audience Development

Who is your audience? Is your attraction meeting their demands and expectations? How do you optimize the guest experience and measure the performance of your operation? Rømer Agency helps cultural institutions, visitor attractions and hospitality business fulfill the expectations of their audience and develop organisational capabilities in brand positioning, operational management, partnering and fundraising.

numbers-3-66x66 Agenda Events & Conferences

We help our clients start new conversations with their stakeholders by conceiving and facilitating agenda events – e.g. industry events, association conferences and political summits. Our core competence is to capture the industry zeitgeist and design events that place our clients at the very front edge of the political agenda and the demands of tomorrow’s marketplace.

numbers-4-66x66 Market Communication

We help destinations and private business in travel and tourism identify and unfold their core value proposition to the market with digital and content driven market communication, PR and events.